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From the Ground Up: Frederick Fidel Greatness without Tears

Success comes in many forms, but it doesn't come easy. Many millionaires we know today have built their empires from the ground up, starting with little money and investing more in their passion, which resulted in their dreams coming true. A lot of them came from nothing, and now they have everything they could possibly want. So what's their secret to that success? Frederick Fidel's astounding book can tell you how.

Released in 2015 under Authorhouse, the 154-page book intends to show its readers the path to greatness. Greatness without Tears will guide you on a path to success. Everyone who wants to grow remarkably and improve their situation in life, despite occupation or age, will surely be inspired by this book. Frederick Akabai Fidel will show you that you are what you think and what you say, despite what others will tell you. He narrates how everyone has the capacity to attain any height and achieve goals in life, as long as they have the passion, attitude, and will to excel, despite the obstacles or circumstances they face in life. Greatness is indeed a process, and it is a rough road to take on, but with the right perspective, Frederick tells his readers that they can be anything they want.

The author Frederick Fidel is an engineer, author, and distinguished motivational speaker in Nigeria. He holds several educational attainments such as an MSc in International Management in Regent College of London, a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering in the University of Hertfordshire, UK and Michigan College in the US, and an Environmental /Agricultural Engineering degree in RSUST in Nigeria. His passion and years of experience in mentoring, social work, and teaching secondary school students have taught him that everyone has different circumstances in life. Still, they have the ability to make the world a much better place.

Motivated by God, his book Greatness without Tears is an inspiring book that is surely meant to inspire people who have given up in life, as well as a book that guides people into achieving greatness. It contains real-life stories and events which everyone can learn from. Frederick embraced every aspect and studied the actions and personalities of every great man in the world, like Nelson Mandela and George Washington. This book is written with guidance from the Word of God because success cannot be achieved without wisdom from God.

Greatness without Tears is a book for everyone. For students, academicians, workers, business people, and athletes who need more guidance in the work they do. Frederick does not only inspire through his words but offers a fresh perspective on how success is supposed to be approached. He teaches his readers that success doesn't come easy, but with perseverance and the right attitude, anyone can truly achieve the dreams and happiness that they have always dreamed about.

Furthermore, the author reminds his readers that their future does not depend on anyone, but the decisions they make for themselves determine which path they will go in life.

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