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From the stars and beyond: Peter Locke's Mikkee the Martian

Aliens have always been fascinating creatures. For one, their existence is still unknown and unproven, and two, a life beyond earth is a world one should definitely look out for. Literature and films have always discussed the possibility of aliens coming to earth, but alas, they are all in the horror genre, making people afraid of the unknown creatures that lurk within the galaxy. Peter Locke, however, takes a different approach on the topic and shows the world how aliens can be as fascinating as we thought them to be.

The 8-part book series is called Mikee the Martian, and it follows an alien named Mikkee who visits the earth for research and relaxation when he comes across the Watson twins: Billy and Jilly. After all, the introduction and his powers are introduced to the children. They go on different kinds of adventures that will surely prompt one's curiosity to explore. They go on a path of wonderful and mysterious adventures in quirky places such as fairs, haunted mansions, castles, tv studios, and even visit planets near the earth. Discovering and exploring as they go.

Peter Locke has been an avid reader and a storyteller ever since he was a young child. In making the series, he ensured that the story would click with the younger audience and mixed the alien genre with fascinating themes such as magic which would certainly become a center of attention. With the book's odd creatures and simple narration, kids would find it easy to learn and explore while being completely immersed in the fiction that Locke presents. Moreover, it offers a new perspective on how friendships are forged with people and how these kinds of relationships can take one to places. The author paints a wonderful picture of friendship, adventure, and exploration of the unknown and shows the readers what a wonderful world there is.

The book may be fictional, but it plants the idea that adventures can be scary and can be, at times, mysterious, but Locke shows us that adventures can be full of memories一, one made with friends, parents, or by ourselves. Even adults could possibly relate to the story and awaken their inner child as the book encourages its readers to immerse themselves in the adventure with every turn of the page. Thus, not only satisfying the curiosity but also making sure that kids are learning as they go.

An extra-terrestrial adventure moves away from the thought that aliens are bad. Locke shows the readers that maybe, we can be friends with creatures whom we thought as scary and maybe have adventures with them as they offer knowledge the way we can do with ours. It's a book that also encourages sharing of culture, knowledge, and powers within friends. It does not dwell on the idea that the unknown is always something to be afraid of but tells the readers that the unknown can be something good, and we might not know it may be the adventure of a lifetime.

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