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Getting Over Mr. Zane: A Tug of War

We cannot live in our past forever. We must get on with our lives no matter how hard it is to get away from our past. Moving on could be a challenge but staying won't get you anywhere. It's like a tug of war, you struggle, and you have to give your strength to win.

Getting Over Mr. Zane: Stepping Out is a story about a girl who walks through all the hard stages of moving on after a heartbreak. As the title suggests, she's stepping out the comforts and stability her lover has given her.

She struggles to put herself back on her feet, almost like a child trying to walk again. As she manages her finances, balances her time, and cares for her mental health. She evolves slowly from being a fragile girl, shattered to pieces by her heartbreak, to being an independent woman.

The book teaches us that to deal with heartbreak and grief, the first thing you need to face is acceptance. You have to accept that there is no turning back, that you will not be able to go back to your routine or to feel the same way or do the same things. It is lost, and you won't replace it with addiction either from food, drugs, or alcohol.

After acceptance, when you realize that you cannot turn back, you have to forgive yourself for whatever you have done or what you think you should have done. Blaming yourself will make the process harder and will only bring regrets.

As you rise from the ashes, you need to start believing in yourself again. Be confident that you made the right choice because each step is important, no matter how small or big. Every day is like a tug of war either you succeed and live another day, or you succumb to the pain and grief. You have to fight back and keep your enemies and fears at bay.

She also taught us that part of moving on is to try again. Try to be happy, even if it means failing and being hurt again. Pain and sorrow are all part of living. She learned to be strong not just for herself but, in the end, also for her family.

Getting Over Mr. Zane is not just a story of heartbreak. It is a story of life how we could win every day no matter how ugly or devastating our past has been. We identify that the people who hurt us and wronged us are our enemies, but ultimately, our biggest enemy is within ourselves. We struggle every day, and we must confront our own demons before we can defeat those around us.

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