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Getting to Know Author Maggie Taylor-Saville

The Author

Maggie Taylor-Saville is the distinguished author of The Eucalypt Tree, a fictional book but touches real-life stories and lessons.

Maggie Taylor-Saville was born in Victoria, Melbourne, and now lives in Brisbane, Queensland, with her husband. Ever since her youth, she writes, mainly about her travel adventures and narrating stories to her family as a hobby. She grew up in a love-filled environment, which she manifests until her mature age. As she believes in the quote "Times change, people don't," she consistently writes interesting stories and shares humane characteristics with her whole family and the surrounding people.

The Book's Gist

The Eucalypt Tree is a fictional story based on the real-life lives of two German brothers and three English sisters. It tells a story that brings us back to the 1800s and imparts takeaways about life's hurdles, gifts, adventure, and eventually fulfillment amidst everything life offers us.

'It features characters who reflect individuals of the current civilization. Some with dark secrets, some stuck to their reality, some struggling, some in turmoil, and some in constant search for change.' Most importantly, it reflects characters who embody hope, tenacity, and compassion, which frees humanity from the cage of odds.

The book sheds light on a family's journey, the ups and downs. From a tragic experience towards individual discoveries of meaningful things such as joy, love, and fulfillment, it is a story that imposes the notion that out of something tragic, meaningful things can surface.

The Eucalypt Tree's Inspiration

Maggie Taylor-Saville made use of the remnants of the past to generate a beautiful story for the present.

As an author, historical and family narratives intrigue her. As she searched through her family's history, the 1800s era inspired her, including the dress, the speech, and the mannerism of the people in those times. To make use of her creativity, she came up with a fictional tale out of the facts she had accumulated upon researching.

After months of research and writing, the book Eucalypt Tree surfaced the bookshelf and opened an avenue for readers to engage in an enticing historical adventure.

Other Published Books

The author published five books written in different genres.

She had romantic-spellbinding books and a children's book:

Mystical Magic, a story of a 17-year-old Katie Richards who, in the middle of a despairing time, has found the love of her life and the man with whom she walks along with hope for their dreams and future together.

Circle of the Moon, a romantic tale of intrigue, characterizing a woman who is propelled into uncertainty and fear, but when a situation led her to the truth, she found the power to change, then her life turns full circle.

Spirit of Love, a romance book that features what it takes to love and the power it brings into our lives.

The Magic Friendship Fairy, a children's tale centered on sharing compassion and genuine friendship despite differences.

Author's Feature

Maggie's books always leave readers something. Out of her life experiences and personal touch as a writer, she instills powerful takeaways, be it romance, adventure, character traits, or life, in general.


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