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Go Forth I Am My Brother's Keeper: Guide Towards Spirituality on a Troubled World

An inspirational book authored by Norma J. Edwards-Merriweather, 'Go Forth I Am My Brother's Keeper,' is a must-read for ardent Christian readers and believers, especially in today's troubled world. "With the controversy regarding gay marriages, racial hatred, violence, terrorism, and distrust, this book is pertinent for people searching for truth."

"For readers who appreciate biblical teaching, there is a wealth of information in the 92 pages of this book. While I enjoyed it enough to read in one sitting, the chapters contain the type of lessons I will refer back to from time to time," says Online Book Club reviewer Cecilia.

Meanwhile, reader Karina Bordas wrote, "This seems like a good resource for a study group or Sunday school class. The practical application, straightforward and understandable presentation, and topic/chapter format allow someone to open and begin."

Author Norma Merriweather is a retired registered nurse by profession and a wife of a Baptist church pastor in the State of Alabama. As an author and inspired by her faith as a Christian, she provides us a collection of 'twelve scripture-based lessons she wrote for a church class she facilitates.' The chapters also include thought-provoking questions inviting personal reflection when life gets challenging.

When asked about her inspiration for writing the book, she responds, "I always knew when the Lord requested for me to write the first book (Commissioned by God) that there would be a second and possibly a third book. When He got ready for me to write this particular book, I was sick in bed. His Spirit came to me while I was sleeping and let me know that it was time. In my sleepy state of mind, I was thinking, "I am too sick to start writing a book." Since God knew my thoughts, He informed me that He had healed me. I awoke immediately and realized that the Lord had just spoken to me, and not only had He given me a commandment; He had healed my body as well. I immediately jumped up, gathered up my material needed for starting the new book, and begin the process as commanded by the Lord."

She is entitled to the conviction that "the Lord mandates for us to give of ourselves." Thus, being more of a blessing to others.

In her experience during the critical time of the COVID- 19 pandemic, retired nurses were asked to volunteer to help administer the Covid 19 vaccine. At first, she thought it was awful 'asking older/retired physicians and nurses who perhaps at this time had underlying conditions to return to work and risk their lives. And that was when "the Lord spoke to me and told me that He had preserved me; and that I had no underlying conditions. "If not me, who?" He wanted me to go out and save His people. In my mind, I was thinking, 'I am not a savior.' God knows our thoughts, and He reminded me that He uses people to do His will like Moses and several other people in the Bible." She was convicted at that point and became a volunteer that the Lord had requested.

In this ever-changing world and challenging times, we need something to turn into to stay on the track of truth and serve as God's sons and daughters who embody love, forgiveness, sharing, humility, hope, and faith. We need a reminder to reexamine our spiritual life and relationships with other people. Norma Merriweather's book is out to do just that.

Readers who wish to turn into a book for guidance can purchase "Go Forth For I Am My Brother's Keeper" online at Amazon,,, as well as a number of other online vendors where books are sold.

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