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Growth Mindset: A Stepping Stone in Achieving Success

"Love permeates everything in life and is definitely required in business. We must love our people to help them feel valued and help them grow. We must love our customers and the service we give them. We must love our lives to live them to the fullest."

- An excerpt from the book Engage! To Create Super Performance and Profitability, written by Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim

Have you ever been frustrated because you have not performed at your fullest potential? Or do you feel stagnant in your life as if growth is a foreign word for you?

Working in an organization and handling life itself are not easy tasks. Both require you to be passionate and fully engaged. You may encounter challenges, misunderstandings, distractions, and even social/cultural barriers in your workplace. Yet, the main idea is to create a healthy organization and culture where people feel respected, empowered, and productive to grow into better versions of themselves? Isn't it true that each employee's personal growth leads to organizational success?

Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim, also known as Dr. Z, is a Master Facilitator of Personal/Professional Development and a Certified Life, Leadership, and Productivity Coach who has helped thousands of people grow. He dedicates his life to inspiring people to attain more fulfillment, happiness, and productivity in their lives. Through his compassionate approach and wise teachings, he has guided people on their personal growth paths to achieve more inner peace and productivity.

As a leader in transformative learning, Dr. Zayd wrote a book entitled: Engage! To Create Super Performance and Profitability. This book will help individuals and teams find solutions to problems that lower the productivity and profitability of the organization. Since mental, emotional, and physical stress is common complications, burnouts tend to happen. Through his book, Dr. Z ignites positivity, happiness, and leadership that will empower each reader to create a growth mindset and results.

"This book shows you how to shift the mindsets, develop the skills, and achieve the goals required for more success and profits in your business and personal life." — Bob Proctor, World-Renowned Speaker, Author, and Featured Teacher from The Secret.

Dr. Zayd published this book for leaders and managers who want to learn how to create cultures of engagement in their work teams and organizations. Through work experience, he is well aware of the consequences of not finding solutions to the ongoing lack of trust, poor managerial relationships, lack of accountability, and true collaboration within an organization.

Chief Learning Officer, Universal Self-Leadership Inc. and Author of Engage! To Create Super Performance and Profitability, Dr. Zayd is encouraging each one of us to create an optimum growth mindset that will change our lives and businesses.

Today, Dr. Z has a mission to carry mental and enthusiastic help to the masses during this pandemic through eBooks and programs on "Resilience: Return to Happiness in Uncertainty" and "Super Leadership for Improving Productivity." His book "25 Days to Living Your Happiness" is a perfect tool for these times.

Do not miss a chance to grab a copy of the #1 Amazon Best Seller in Sustainable Business Development - Engage! To Create Super Performance and Profitability by Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim. Individual and organizational growth is waiting for you!

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