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Half-hearted Love Breaks, True Love Sets Free

Most of us think that marriage is already "the happy ending," as the movies have always shown before the ending credits. It is normal to fancy the romance and fun banters in a romantic relationship. You wish to get married soon because of it, right? However, the case is not always the same. Some people suffer silently in their married life.

According to relationship experts, the cause of loveless or dull relationships in marriage is lack of love in the first place. Not all married couples are in love. Some were just obligated because of bearing a child. Some were just left with no options and needed to catch up with time. Or, there are times that the couple outgrew each other and had a late realization of what true love means for them. The latter reason is challenging but breaking a half-hearted vow is better than letting go of your one true love.

"Love knows no boundaries and it's depth is never fully realized, until it's final hour."

A new promising author, Jeanette McAdoo, shares a heart-clenching story about a woman trapped in a loveless marriage and living life with a broken heart in her book - "My True Love." Judith Cooper lives day to day in tears suffering from a miserable marriage with her husband. The lack of intimacy and emotional connection makes her question the promises of marriage. She wants to break away from this situation and truly have the love that she deserves. As the heavens seem to hear the pleading of her heart, crossing path to her one true love could be the key to set her free. Given a chance to encounter her long-time friend, Carey Newmeyer, made her be hopeful and believe that love will find its own way. Will she escape the prison that has become her marriage and life, or does fate have other plans for Judith and Carey?

Inspired by a true-to-life story of a friend, Jeanette McAdoo was able to write this riveting plot for a romance genre story. The complicated situation of Judith in marriage will make the readers root and cheer for her to find a way out to her and be with her one true love. It creates intrigue and tension as well on how Carey will be with her and take her out somewhere far and away from her husband.

Indeed, Jeanette McAdoo did a great job connecting the dots as all fall in place in the end. In relevant to her personal quote, "Never Give Up on your Dreams." It reflects what Judith Cooper has pursued in the story - choosing a love that sets free, the what she dreams about. Aside from the story, she also inspires aspiring new authors not to give up writing. As someone new in publishing, author Jeanette already has two successful book signings, and both times are "Sold Out!". She is so grateful and appreciative of her not-expected achievement because she only wants to write her heart out. There is no doubt that her story-telling ability through writing books could go far and reach everyone's heart - one way or another.

As a part of our author's giving back, she voluntarily donates 100% of her royalties to the American Heart Association dedicated to a friend who already passed away that became the main inspiration for her book.

Catch "My True Love" by Jeanette McAdoo, available on Amazon!

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