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Happiness comes From Within – So Smile!: On Missee Nelligan's Books

Have you ever thought of the little things that made you smile in a day?

Several topics about personal growth and self-care are well promoted in this year-long quarantine. Let us admit that there came the point in this crisis that we suddenly cry out of nowhere. We felt irritated quickly and a feeling where it is hard to breathe. It happens to almost everyone in the world while facing crises and uncertainties. Fortunately, there are more resources available online in dealing with the circumstance. We can learn to find our inner peace and happiness in the middle of chaos within the place we live in.

Missee Nelligan, an author and podcast creator, advocates sharing positivity in the world because it can change one's life. She believes that kindness, care, and love make a

difference in a world of chaos. As we are all aware, the world today brings so much hurt, hate, and sadness. If we allow ourselves to be drawn with that energy, we will not survive and see the better side of the world. Writing books allows her to share the little things that can make people smile. These are the simplest things that do not even need a single penny to acquire.

Get inspired by her works:

Don't Stop

A simple encouraging phrase means a lot for a person who struggles and wanting to give up in life. Missee Nelligan shared her collection of short poetry that shows different beautiful places she visited. It gives an impression that nature can comfort us by simply existing.

"Time may pass and age may grow, but the love within will continue to glow. You are a blessing; you are a beautiful soul." It describes as well the limit of time is incomparable on what love can do. So, never stop loving, never stop striving. Continue to shine in this life!

Smile for You

Writing a list of what made you happy in a day is one best practice today for self-care and gratitude. In this book, Missee Nelligan highlights more on how we value relationships. In return, we can also think about how we can make others smile as well.

"Today was perfect…We had giggles. We had laughter. We had smiles. We had sunshine. We had each other" The author expressed here that we must share joy to make life more meaningful and memorable. More photos of her travels are also featured here.

You Are Your Happiness

Do you own your happiness? The third book is a continuation of the first two books published by Missee Nelligan. It reflects the reasons for her happiness in life and explains that happiness depends on how we perceive life despite circumstances. We are in control of our own happiness by siding in optimism and positivity.

Through her books, we can be encouraged to see how life is can still be beautiful despite all

odds, only if we find our happiness from within.

Let's keep our eyes open and allow our hearts to be present at all times.

Grab a copy of her books on Amazon if you want to purchase them online. Know more about the author and check out her podcast recordings at

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