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Happiness is In the Eye of the Beholder

“Live daily, dream bigger and follow your heart,” Missee Nelligan.

In this world of chaos, especially now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we must find things that could help us relax and help us see the silver lining in these challenging times. We must try to find the things that could keep us happy and alive.

Missee Nelligan, the author of You Are Your Happiness,” would like to help us see the beauty and love of simple things around us. She shares her inspiring poetry and vivid photography in her book as each page uplifts your spirit and inspires you to have a better outlook on life.

We try to find happiness in material things and money that could only give us temporary and false contentment. We do not realize that we can only find everlasting joy within ourselves, and when we find our purpose, we will be able to look at things differently.

Your outlook in life drastically changes your attitude and emotional response to the things that happen around you. The book will help you see how Missee Nelligan sees things; bright, vivid, alive, wonderful, and beautiful.

You Are Your Happiness tours us to different parts of the world, highlighting plants, animals, nature, landscapes, and breath-taking views of cities. The photos are accompanied by inspiring lovely poems that she wrote herself. The book is like a picture book; even as adults, it will warm your heart. Its images and poetries define the deep meaning of life and contentment.

Missee Nelligan also penned Don’t Stop and Smile For You.” She said that her love for photography, seeing new things, and seeing their beauty inspires her to take photos and write poems to share her experience with others. These pushed her to independently publish the three books that are all available on Amazon.

You can also check her website,, and check on more of her inspirational works.

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