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Happy Never After: Revealing Regrets After Marriage

Do marriage itself shakes the relationship or the other way around?

Before deciding to put on the ring, dating is a process and opportunity to determine if your lover is a potential lifetime partner. Everything seems to be enchanting and wonderstruck at first. You got a lot of good time together on amusement park dates, together with watching in the late-night movie on cinema and out of town trip. These are the moments like you wish to last forever. After years you tied a knot with this person, you suddenly realized “Saying I DO is a Happy Never After” and became jealous now with your YOLO single friends. What’s the point here now?

According to Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, an internationally renowned clinical and consulting psychotherapist, an unhappy marriage chronically feels bad. It’s like a cold that lingers, leaving you drained and vulnerable. His patients suffer from depression and anxiety that leads to insomnia. He shared that one middle-aged woman carried such anger to her husband that it gives off too much negativity in her life. Saving a marriage starts from within. Both parties must hear out each other feelings. Seek professional help if needed to work on your mental health too. After that, decide if the relationship has a future or not.

There is no perfect marriage, but you also deserve the best for yourself. Reading a novel can help ease depression. It comforts you in a way like a friend keeping you a company for a while. It diverts your attention to something creative yet relevant to your experience. At the same time, you can learn some alternative solutions to your problem. As you sympathize with the characters, you will never feel alone and anxious because you will be at hype following our main characters’ life story in the story.

So, I highly recommend you to read Never Saw You Coming, written by KLS Fuerte. It is one relatable story to doubtful people about their marriage right now, especially for women. They will relate the most with our main character, Beatrice. She never thought of her husband turning into some unimaginable nightmare. In the novel, we follow the revelation of conflicts in her marriage, other relationships, and dark secrets. The book has a lot to offer for the readers to learn and resonate on. Definitely, a page-turner romance novel that you’ll never let go!

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