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Harsh Reality of the Life of a Mistress

In a short but very descriptive narrative, Harry Stefano identifies with the realities of being a woman in modern society. Connecting life, love, and monetary security, this reading certainly highlights the harsh realities of the life of a mistress.

The story is presented in the eyes of a woman living in the 1960s before the Brexit was even established. Her love and life adventure determined the willingness of women to offer themselves in exchange for material security. In some ways, critics may cringe on the idea that the reading shares. Nevertheless, it describes what used to be unacceptable. Now, in the modern world, the narrative in this book is much easily relatable to. Women are more liberated, having their own idea of what adequate life security is all about. 

As the main character of the story, the unnamed woman described Mr. Zane as the man who gave her that security. Although she had many other lovers, she has an inkling with Mr. Zane. The book was named after him because, in the narrative, he represented what was certainly considered secure for most women in the age that the story intends to represent.  A woman from the middle class, young, and adventurous, finds a man who has all the resources he could spend to make a young woman feel special. The story may be classic, but the meaning of the narrative is more profound than it represents. While the author promotes the idea of being free and embracing liberty as a woman in the UK in the 1960s, it also creates a deeply defined description of how the reality of being a mistress could present several problems. Life could be harsh even in the face of being able to live the life because of the supposed material security offered by such relationships with a prestigious and secured man like Mr.Zane. 

Harry Stefano’s writing certainly challenges the controversial belief about women merely wanting a sense of security while trying to play love to assume a better lifestyle. Considerably, it can be understood that his presentations of modern women are dependent on harsh realities as to what modern living has done to the worth of women, not only as the society sees them but also as they see themselves.  Based on a rich background of living as a middle-class woman in the middle of the traditional culture of the UK, Stefano’s description of women’s lives may somewhat be questionable for some. Still, the harsh truth that she presents in this narrative certainly gives the readers something to think about- something to go over, especially when it comes to determining what is more valuable, love, or economic security. Because one way or another, these two factors are intertwined, and when it comes to happiness and satisfaction, there is a possibility that they cannot be separated- especially for a woman living through a challenging economic condition.

 Life presents options, and women have the right to pick theirs- but at the same time, face the consequences that come with it. This book certainly captures the essence of making decisions and accepting consequences that come with it. 

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