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Healing and Transformation Found in Writing

We all can turn to something to express our truth and vulnerabilities. Some do it through prayer, music, artworks, or written works.

Author Rhonda Williams found her love in writing. That said, she imparts that "Everyone’s journey matters and, it is never too late to embrace your passion.”

In April 2020, she embarked on the journey of being a happily single retired senoirette from her telecommunications position of 30 years. She found the freedom to create her new life path and fulfill her passion as a singer, songwriter, spiritual agent, poet, and author.

She suddenly portrayed that a genuine connection through journaling is possible. Rhonda realized (upon re-reading her poems and other written works) how healing her own words were to her as she reflected on her journey through journaling. “This inspired me to share my experience with others and encourage the readers to support their healing and restoration by creating their writings in whatever form that they feel inspired to do.”

As a representation of her inspiration, she wrote ‘Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas.’ It is a book that consists of a series of poetry that speaks of her transformational healing journey. Here she coined the word “proetry,” from prayer and poetry, which served as a powerful tool for her healing and transformation. She hopes not only to share her story but to awaken a reader’s passion deep within, towards the discovery of inner peace.

Here’s an inspiring excerpt from the book: “Growth comes about as a result of what you are willing to learn. As I began sharing my experiences through these writings, sometimes I found it hard to recognize myself in my own words. I now believe that what Spirit said to me was true. My earth's work is to share my God-given talents with the world to spread peace, joy, love, and happiness using arts and entertainment. I feel privileged to recommend this book to anyone seeking spiritual development, personal growth, healing, and transformation. I hope that this book may assist and inspire each reader along their journey to awareness.”

One quote she lives by along her journey is, “Your fears are real but not necessary. You are more than you believe you are and more than you feel right now. Allow yourself to believe this fact and know that you are a big deal.” That is the reason why she reaps fulfillment in life and in the things she does. The conviction to this quote is only possible if we allow ourselves to listen to our voice.

“The evolution of your true self is a perpetual full-time and inside job.” Tap into your inner self, connect to that feeling, and speak your truth and vulnerabilities through whatever you are passionate about. Like our author who has found healing and transformation through writing, you are welcome to do the same.

Check out the self-healing handbook, ‘Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas’ by visiting Rhonda Williams’s website at or follow her on these social media


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