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Heather Jaynes' Journey: The Love Between a Father and Daughter Knows No Distance

If you are looking for a book to shake off pandemic blues, then Heather Jaynes' 108-page biography – A Daughter's Journey: The Love Between a Father and Daughter Knows No Distance is a definite read!

Following the moving in travel of her dad from Ireland to Bulgaria in the pursuit of love, Heather's nightmare made her write and finished a book. "I have started to write a book many times over the years but I did not make it." So much different for this written work wherein she says, "I had nightmares and woke many nights crying, writing about it helped me through it; each chapter was another chain released."

Heather, an experienced distance driver who takes trips from Ireland to Wales or tours many miles in Spain, never imagined she would drive her dad in a jeep that would later make life-turning experiences for her.

The story started with his father, whom she had not seen for two years but spoke on the phone nearly every day asking for a favor she couldn't just turn down. Then, with the left-hand drive Nissan Terrano towing a large storage box packed to the top with household items and garage machines, they journeyed over countries that gave the daughter a feel of spending holiday and at the same time an adventure with her dad. But the road trip was tough on a time limit and by no means trouble-free. And as soon as it was over and the daughter was going home, something was only about to begin.

In the preview, the book was divided into four parts, with each part presenting in a simple and indulging manner the links of the road trip. The book's way resembles the author's personality: sunny, bold yet caring.

"In A Daughter's Journey, my husband was my biggest influence and inspiration," discloses Heather. She is taking care of her husband, who has dementia, and her sister, who is moderately intellectually disabled. "I wake up every morning looking forward to the day ahead and I always tell my husband and my sister that they will live longer if they keep moving and keep smiling," she added.

Aside from being an author, she is also a care assistant to a lovely elderly lady for an hour and a half every Monday to Friday. She has been looking after people for the best part of her 26 years, wherein she found 'great solace' in it.

In the last chapter of her book, she made mention of a horse named Ebony Lady. Well, in real life, her main and only hobby is horses. She has two beautiful horses, a 23-year-old who recently retired after spending 15 years of dressage with her (the one she mentioned in the book) and now another beautiful horse in training for dressage. "I also enjoy cooking, its so relaxing. I feel so lucky with the life that I have," she exclaimed.

A natural fun-lover, Heather said that before the Covid-19 happened, "I would take my husband and sister out for a long drive, stop for a meal at a lovely location, take photos and laugh at the silliest of jokes."

Now amidst Covid-19, she narrates that they still go for drives, more locally though, take packed lunches and still laugh at stupid jokes. "I also enjoy playing pranks on my husband (mild ones) but he almost always returns a better one on me," she spills.

The author thought that 'there are many ideas we have all contributed to our communities over the years but unfortunately due to this Coronavirus most, if not, all ideas have to be on hold for a while longer.'

As of the moment, we may all be thinking of ideas spending outdoors with our loved ones, like taking long drives and breathe fresh air and view beautiful spots just to shake off pandemic blues. But when it seems so impossible, let A Daughter's Journey: The Love Between a Father and Daughter Knows No Distance take you to a trip you will forever remember at the comfort of your homes.

For purchase, check out Amazon and other online book stores!

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