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Helping Your Kids Become Successful: A Mother's Legacy

If there is one thing common to all moms, it is the fact that we all want our kids to be successful. The success of our kids is the desire of any average parent. It is not enough that we wish and pray for their success. You need to help your kids become successful. It would be best if you taught them how to become successful. As I always say, when teaching a child, you need to start them young. In the book written by Rev. Emmanuel Oghene entitled 'Marvellous Mothers' Mentality, Methods & Tactics', he highlights how mothers could make a significant delightful difference in their child's life.

Just like how Timothy's mother, Eunice, and maternal grandmother, Lois, contributed to Timothy's emergence as an apostle, all mothers are behind every child's success in life. She guided and molded him or her to be 'somebody' out there in the world. Lemuel’s mother conceived a vision for is life before she bore him – she made the vision clear to him just as she provided him with what she considered as necessary guiding principles and practices.

Help your kids become successful by encouraging them to dream. Motivate your child to dream and plan the way to the fulfillment of that dream. Help him to prepare a roadmap for success. A good plan will not ensure one's success unless the plan is implemented. Be his accountability partner in following that plan.

Help your kids become successful by teaching them to stand on their own. Don't do everything for them or don't give them everything they want. They must take part in the work at home, be responsible for the assigned tasks, and be accountable should there be issues with their responsibilities. If they ask you for a toy or a gadget, tell them that they have to earn it. Either they work for you, or they work for a neighbor or somebody else. Do not always be their knight in shining armor. Allow them to experience hardship and to stand on their own.

Helping your kids become successful is like managing a business. A business is expected to grow and prosper. To make this possible, we need to invest in a business. How we act and speak, how we dress, how we treat ourselves, and how we respond to others will determine our business's success.

If we invest in a business, we must invest in helping our kids become successful. We must nourish, teach, encourage, and guide our kids so that they will seek to be well-informed before making choices and be able to make sound decisions. We need to ensure that how we act and speak to our children, how we treat and respond to them will be in ways that will contribute to their success.

Rev. Oghene states that beyond every kid's success is a hardworking and supportive mother. If we teach them to be leaders first, they will lead the people around them. This is evident in how Hannah collaborated with God to enable her eldest child, Samuel, to become the nation's ruler.

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