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Writing can be an intimidating task for most of us, but it became a natural thing for Tracy Smith when she transformed the series of letters she sent to her friends and family into the book "Dear Chums! I Am in Kazakhstan!." the letters she wrote depicted details of her everyday life in Aktau, Kazakhstan where she stayed for three months at a time, starting from when Tracy first moved there to mundane activities such as home shopping, decorating and furnishing her apartment, and exploring the area she resided in.

Aktau is a city in Kazakhstan known for its architectural ensembles and a botanical garden that has acclimatized various plants from all over the country, and vibrant alleyways surrounded by acacias and poplars.

The author emphasized the various cultural differences between the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan that she experienced first-hand. According to her, being from the west, her experience and ideas of "going shopping" were quite different from what she experienced in Aktau. She notes that at times it was both frustrating and amusing.

Tracy is a firm believer in enjoying life, and the most important aspects of her life are her friends and family. In the book, the author referred to eating in a Chinese restaurant that was no longer in use, although they were able to order and were served in the end. This amused her given the fact that her partner has a hobby of visiting disused railway stations. "Ah well, put it down to another experience. Only we could manage to eat in a disused restaurant… and get served."

"Dear Chums! I Am in Kazakhstan!" is not meant to be read as a travel guide. Still, instead, we will discover the charm of this hidden gem in Asia as Tracy Smith takes us on a journey in between her accounts of real experiences as well as background stories based on pure imagination. This is a work of both fiction and non-fiction with touches of light-hearted and humorous encounters.

Imagine the joy we had when you were excited about this book when Tracy Smith announced that she is writing her second book! As a dog lover and owner of two Labradors, she explores dogs' thought processes in their perspective and gives advice for its human companions. It is a unique work "written by dogs" for dogs.

Are you curious if Tracy has social media handles? We got you covered! To know more about Tracy and possibly interact with her, you may visit her Twitter account at @tracy00378913 and her Facebook profile, Tracy Sheard.

Check out the new press release of Tracy Smith with The Universal Breakthrough. It is distributed to over 250 different media outlets such as Digital Journal, Daily Herald, Azcentral, and many more.

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