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Hot as the Sun, Kisses on the Beach: Across the Age Lovers

In modern times, age is just a number for women, and sex appeal is everlasting. According to one survey conducted on an online platform, 27% of younger men were found to be attracted to older women. Does it sound like contradicting to the fact that men look more in the appearance of a woman? This fact is interesting because it somewhat breaks the traditions of dating couples. Again, age is just a number. Thus, we need to be open-minded about going across the norms. There’s nothing wrong with having a young man be in love with an older woman anyway.

Suppose you are in this kind of relationship. In that case, I believe you can relate with the characters of Eric and Jessie on the erotic short story entitled “The Beach” among the 12 stories on the book Passions and Pleasures by Katie Santee. In addition, being a person who loves to travel for soul searching and on the hunt for the one while in an adventure makes you root for the couple in the story. You must admit that you have fantasized about this romantic craze while relaxing on a white-sand paradise at some point. Their sexual tension is irresistible and makes you shiver as well while reading lines of their conversations. With them, you want to take down society’s judgment for couples having age gaps, especially when the woman is older.

Here’s a dialogue on the story that might make you sympathize:

“Why, because I’m younger than you? Did you not enjoy what we did? Does age really make that much of a difference? Baby, you are only as old as you feel. You are as young as you want to be. We were awesome together….” Eric to Jessie, The Beach

Indeed, Katie Santee is one exceptional erotica writer of her time. She never failed to bring the thrill of the wilder side of romance we are waiting for. It transcends the readers deep down the madness of these wild fantasies and suddenly throws us to that bursting sensual passion. How can she do that?

Get your sexy and steamy sensation while dreaming of the beach by reading this book!

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