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How a Woman overcomes Insecurities During a Crisis

Being in quarantine for so long makes us pay attention to the small details in ourselves. For a career woman, they tend to become more aware of physical appearance (fitness), social approval (people-pleasing) and accomplishments (validity of self-worth). At first, working from home can be the best option, but as time goes by, it becomes boring. The worst part here when your insecurities creep in then you are clueless on how to handle it.

Barbara Ker Mann, the author of the book Fleeing Polio on Wings like the Eagle, shares some points on her book to inspire us to battle our own insecurities. She was diagnosed with polio at a young age but was able to overcome her disability. She even excelled more and gave her best shot in life. Now, she is an inspiration to many.

Here are some points on how you battle insecurities:

Find your internal strength

The crisis elevates our anxiety because of the uncertainties it brings to our finances, relationships, and the future. Indeed, this is a challenging battle we are all going through at the moment. However, it seems like we have forgotten that we all have our own strength. Ask yourself, “What is my source of strength that motivates me to live more?” It can be your passion or people that you love. Think about it. Continue to live the moment.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Barbara’s disability is never a hindrance to her success. You are luckier if you are living a normal life, unlike her. Appreciate the small things or simple gestures of your family will help you feel good. We are insecure simply because of our focus on the weakness we have. Shift your lenses with the things you must be grateful for in life. Trust me, there’s a thousand of them like the number of stars in the sky.

Focus on serving others

Helping other people brings you a sense of fulfillment. Barbara felt this during her years in teaching the violin. She mentioned that teaching is one job that made her appreciate more of her value. It is natural for humans to connect with others and nurture them. There’s a sense of satisfaction. In this crisis, more people are down and financially unstable. You can help them see the bright side of what you can actually do this time in your own way. After that, your self-worth will increase as you assess and validate yourself.

Every person has different ways of handling a situation. Cope up with your insecurities by learning how these methods or tips can work in your life. The decision is yours to make. Rise above the crisis like an eagle. Focus on what you can do to improve. Learn to reach out to other people. Make your life worth living every second and live the second worthwhile.

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