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How Ancient Wisdom Applies to the Modern Society

The Bible is full of lessons that are still applicable in modern times.

People are often confused about what's intrinsically cultural biblical passages and what are still applicable today.

At some point, you might have heard someone say, "Isn't this part of the Bible just cultural?" They don't have a stock market before, so why did we make insider trading illegal? The scripture is based on ancient cultures of biblical times, so how can it possibly apply today?

The answer lies in our fundamental understanding of the nature of morality and wisdom.

One cannot argue their way to change the rules of morality. Sure, there are no computers in the Bible, and stoning someone to death would be considered murder, but our current laws and societal norms still reflect the ancient wisdom of the Bible. We just have to keep an open mind and heart to see the utility behind each passage.

Insider trading is still cheating. Collecting data from others without their permission is still considered stealing. There is simply no way around it.

So when Emmanuel Oghene talks about cabalism, he relates it to the current state of our government, family, and institutions to explain how ancient knowledge applies to our lives today. He used relevant passages to explain how its conniving members are now corrupting modern cabalism.

In Emmanuel Oghene's God Authored Cabal Concept, traditional cabalism was defined as a small group of people, often an inner circle of members, who makes plans or activities for the entire group. The term is commonly used to connote a small group of people that determine a larger society's fate. This small group has a mission to help their tribe. They are responsible and in control of a certain territory, and improving their people's lives becomes their life's work.

As readers will soon discover, it is the privileges that go with a cabal position that provokes human envy and jealousy.

"We see those we call 'Precarious Persuaders,' who mislead their rulers to make monstrous mistakes."

These are heinous helpers and constituents. They consume their leaders with deceptions. Instead of helping their cabal leaders to rule the general populace, they are persuading them to do the opposite. It happens when the officers persuade their leader to disobey God's directives.

The fact that some leaders pervert it is not enough reason to condemn it as ungodly. Emmanuel believes that corruption in power is inevitable because of evil, which is exactly why we should identify exemplary cabals that can lead us properly.

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