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How Bella Karoli Pursues Her Ideas Down the Rabbit Hole

An American journalist once said, "Writing is easy; all you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your head. "

There's nothing more profound than creating something out of nothing. Creating an intricate story from scratch is a challenging feat that only a handful of people can accomplish.

Writing a novel often entails sleepless nights, frustrations, self-loathing, doubts, headaches, rejections, and other types of suffering due to a lack of ideas. Indeed, weaving an idea into a cohesive story is never easy.

Authors have to convince their readers that dragons exist, Dementors can suck your soul, a smiling cat can vanish into thin air, or a mother is a spy.

In the case of Bella Karoli, author of Medley: Songs of life, a couple out of tune..., ideas came easy, and the writing process was always a pleasant adventure. If there's an idea, she will immediately sit down and start writing. Often, she won't know where the stories are going and let them surprise her at the end — as future readers of Medley will soon discover.

In 2017, a baby lizard appeared in Bella's bathroom. The cute lizard caught her attention, and right there and then, she decided to chase it down the rabbit hole. The result was a 240-page story that Bella realized was only half-finished at this point. The second half is currently on hold so she can complete more stories, poems, and music for her current projects

Most writers struggle to find inspiration, but Bella finds abundance in her day-to-day experiences. While many writers tend to dismiss seemingly useless thoughts and things, like the lizard she saw years ago, Bella is never afraid to navigate her mind in the labyrinthine realm of possibilities.

Writing stories and music has always occupied Bella's time. She discovered the magic of writing at such a young age, which allowed her to pursue profound ideas and develop them into something beautiful.

The little lizard she saw three years ago inspired her to write a story that is currently on hold, "I wanted to write a short story about a lizard and never anticipated that it would grow into a novel which at 240 pages is only half-finished. I got an idea, developed it, and it kept

growing and growing!" That story will most likely

come out late in 2021.

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