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How Father-Daughter Relationship Impacts a Girl's Future

A father-daughter bond is special.

You may have heard that boys need a strong male influence in their lives, but the same is true for girls. A girl's relationship with his father can have a great impact on her future.

We all know that parent-child relationships are crucial to the development and growth of each individual. However, the father-daughter bond is often overlooked in this particular subject. While the mother-son bond is acknowledged and researched for years, fathers and daughters' relationship is often pushed on the sidelines.

Mother-son, father-son, and mother-daughter bonds have been talked about in movies, media, and the scientific community. On the other hand, many are still clueless about how fathers influence their daughters – until recently.

A father's role in the growth and development of a child is unparalleled, especially for daughters. Girls who have a healthy relationship with their father are more likely to become strong and confident women. They are less likely to experience anxiety and depression because of the emotional and mental support that their fathers have given through the years.

And that's exactly what Heather Jaynes' A Daughter's Journey: The Love Between a Father and Daughter Knows No Distance has to offer. It shines a light on the real value of a father-daughter relationship and its effect on a woman's growth. A girl has not seen her dad in two years, but they spoke on the phone nearly every day. Now they are driving somewhere in Europe. Everything is packed in their jeep: household items, storage boxes, and garage machines. She's going on an adventure with her father.

Fathers are much more informed and involved with their daughters nowadays. Thanks to a surprising paradigm shift in modern families, fathers are now taking an active part in nurturing their children, from feeding to clothing, changing diapers, bathing, reading, and sleeping. This early bond gives children, especially girls, a sense of protection, safety, respect, and love.

Dads may not have the soothing touch of a mother. They may feel awkward during "girl talks," but they play a unique role in their daughter's overall growth. Daughters need strength and wisdom to navigate the long-winding road ahead of them. If dads support and love them unflinchingly, there is nothing they cannot accomplish in this world.

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