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How Living In Nepal Helped Belinda Dupont Write Her Book: How Buffalo Lost Her Coat

Storytelling has always enchanted young minds—lucky are those who listen to fables, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales as they grow through childhood and adolescence to adulthood. Who could ever forget the Grimm Brothers' bedtime stories that made kids beg for more and more excitement? How children love to be transported into the world of make-belief, to experience emotions from fear and happiness to worry and excitement. Fierce animals and people make a fairy tale a smash-hit with young readers.

Many book writers worldwide show how animals adapt to the circumstances surrounding them and show how each animal knows or learns how to survive. These themes in children's books evolve into therapeutic metaphors, which is a critical key factor of change. Belinda Dupont's story is no exception.

Belinda wrote her book "How Buffalo Lost her Coat: A Children's Tale from Nepal," in 2018. The story begins with how the buffalo, a domesticated animal in the mountainous region of Nepal, gives milk and butter to a household and how the family loves and looks after it. When a buffalo calf is born it has a beautiful brown and hairy coat but in adulthood only has a grey leathery skin. Children, curious as ever, ask "Where has the coat gone?" Youngsters might say somebody scraped it off and made the coat into fur coats for commercial purposes, or that climate change made it happen but no, there is a much more intriguing answer.

This easy-to-read book promises an excellent story that capture s children's imagination. The illustrator portrays each character with vivid graphics and the story compels the reader to continue until the last page where the seemingly unfortunate event of Buffalo losing her coat turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Belinda lived part-time in Nepal for many years. Her love of the country and people and keen observation of human nature helped to bring this tale into reality.

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