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How Reading Erotic Books Help Us Have an Open Mind?

Everywhere we go, it seems like sex is always a sensitive topic. The society has created a pattern of shutting it as they conclude it is not an appropriate subject of the conversation. On the other hand, if we keep on rejecting this conversation, what would be its effect on children?

If children grow in an environment where talking about sexual intercourse is not appropriate, it will cause denial and believe that sex is wrong. But the truth is, sex is wrong when you do it to the wrong person; for instance, a happily married guy ends up in bed with you because of temptation and seduction. Examples like this can ruin not only a life but also a family. Sex itself is not a terrible thing, only the person.

Another fact about the condemnation of sex is it shames most women. There’s something about the virginity of women that makes it sacred and special. For example, when a guy went to bed with plenty of girls, people will think it’s just fine because he’s a man, but she will be labeled instantly as easy-to-get-girl when a woman did it, which you can easily-go-to-bed with. Science proved that having sexual urges is undoubtedly a usual thing for people. So, instead of shaming people who have consistently do sex with other people, why can’t we accept the fact that it is our way to express ourselves?

What could be the best way to enlighten ourselves on the truth of sex?

For a starter, it is essential to surround yourself with people whom you can comfortably talk about it without any judgment and disgust. Most of all, people who you can trust enough not to use your secret as a weapon to ruin you. People who understand and can relate to you can bring enormous relief and acceptance that whatever you do, it is normal. In addition to that, reading an erotic book is truly powerful to change the way you think about sex. Contrary to popular belief, reading books with sexual content does not often influence a person negatively; in fact, it makes them have an open mind to understand why sex is just a normal part of life. A book will help a person understand that sexual intercourse is more profound than what everyone is thinking. An author will describe not only how they do it, but also their emotions and thoughts about it. With that, readers will learn and view sex in a more profound way.

Katie Santee, the author of Passions and Pleasures, was written powerfully that it would positively entice you. Though the book is filled with sexual content, it will certainly not limit you to it. It will help you understand and enjoy the beauty of sexual pleasures rather than denying it because of the fear of being judged. This book is an essential read for everyone who is still in the process of denying sex as a regular activity of life.

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