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How Modern Woman Lives Up

Living in a mid-life crisis and coping with day-to-day pressures and stress bespeaks volumes of how a woman tries to stay afloat in these trying times. As with most people struggling with how to make both ends meet, the story of a woman unfolds this path and her choice in this rather disturbing yet compelling narrative.

Passion for living comfortably and loving without strings attached is the central point of this captivating short story, "The Gorgeous Mr. Zane." How love and money intertwine, which takes the readers to get to the realm of practical sense, and some steamy scenes that could rev up one's imagination.

The story takes place in the United Kingdom, where the economy is under recession. The woman, the main character in the story, takes into account the most mundane of her daily activities, from shopping to housekeeping to cooking meals. She exerted some effort to get her place as homey as possible, which explains her tendency to instill beauty in herself and in her environs.

Living up to her dream of getting the attention of her long-time fantasy Mr. Zane way back in high school, and ending up as lovers in the present time, unravels her passion as a woman in the 21st century.

The author depicts the woman as alluring, compassionate, and has a sense of practicality in her way of life, which makes Mr. Zane fall for her. The woman may not follow society's norms, but despite her shortcomings, she spends locally to help the economy thrive.

For health-conscious and down-to-earth people, you may follow her as she inspires us the way to cut back expenses but still get the desired result-- be it food, clothes, beauty regimen, upholstery, and total wellness, she has it.

The Gorgeous Mr. Zane by Harry Stefano depicts the woman's role in a rather harsh reality amidst the arising issue of taking part as a mistress; she evolves as a woman empowered in the society to have a voice of her own.

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