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Imagination to its Limit

When we are young, our imagination is very active, dreaming about random things, especially fictional and magical ones. I guess we all dreamt of flying, running fast like a flash, disappearing like a bubble, being invisible, and all the illusion to make it possible. It's somehow funny now because we are all grownups, but admit it or not, some of us are still hoping to have extraordinary skills like those mentioned above.

Gary Hopkins did a great job bringing back our childhood through his book titled Charlie and the Dragon: The Secret Realm. The little boy named Charlie Travis only wants a vacation to his grandmother's house, but eventually, something mystical happens. The adventure's transition of Charlie from simply flying with the dragon up to being the chosen one is the ultimate dream of every kid. Imagine being the main hero to your own otherworldly dream in an unexpected vacation that will leave an overwhelming satisfaction in a child's growth. The book is a constant reminder of limitless skills and capability to survive regardless what age and how hard the situation is. Survival using different techniques might be at the forefront of failure or success; however, the bottom line is at least we tried.

We used to be excited by tiny gifts, blown up by making stories, hum with the lullaby, long trip adventures, swing at the park, ride with the school bus together with our noisy schoolmates, rainy days, even candies that just get by in the near store. But right now that child is gone, it is replaced by an adult who's more serious and wants a quiet place to rest, that's all and repeat and repeat and repeat on the following days. There's no wrong to desire a stable life because that is all we want, and it's just that craving for more sometimes leads us to overlook what we have.

As adults, we usually have our busy schedules and commitments from there and then until we forget to enjoy our lives. However, we must notice that the childlike part of us is still within, and we are just skipping it because of our other priorities in life. We don't get old, and it's just that we don't have enough time to play and use our innocent creative minds.

Things always happen in their own way, which came from the less expected times. Some of our most unforgettable memories became more interesting because it was not planned. We just like to get shocked and stop for a minute to realize that all of those happened in their mysterious way. This part of our life is one of the exciting reasons why we must still choose to move forward. We don't know what will be the next chapter of our story, and the only thing we can do is hope for the best. May the happiness we are all waiting for will knock on our door when we need it the most. Dreaming is free, and it's worth it.

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