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“There is evil in the world, but the most common thing was to find good people and trust your instincts.”—David Castells Angelet in his book, Gràcies.

By order, there will always be good and evil in this world to keep things in balance, and we ought to see this in every waking chance we get in our lives. This can appear in so many ways, may it be in an aspect of luck or tragedy, happiness or sadness, bitter and sweet experiences, and all of these things that contrast one another but ironically make sense of each other. However, if we analyze all these things more in-depth and more critically, is it still possible for us to learn something new?

Life never failed to allow us to meet all kinds of people with different intentions and lectures to offer. Sometimes, it will allow us to meet people who are generous enough to help us build ourselves up, but more often, we meet people who will cause our downfall and make us more potent than ever. This is what happened to David Castells’s book, Gràcies, which follows the story of a dedicated, strong, and resilient character of Laila, a mother of two kids and a proud survivor of many ordeals in life. This woman is an exemplar and hardworking employee who was raped and abused by her boss named Joseph, which happened to be her good friend’s son in law. Despite what happened to her, Laila did not allow herself to fall. She was surrounded by people who cares and loves her enough not to let her go down during her darkest of time, thus she took all her courage and persevered through life even if it means that she has to let go of a well-paying job in exchange for her well-being. Her sacrifice is proven worthy since her family and friends supported her through everything she has gone through.

Laila’s story evinced that no matter how tragic life went against us, we are all capable of overcoming it with the help of those people who love and value us wholeheartedly. And as much as evil fills up this world, kindness and love exist to contradict it and teach us that there are lectures and valuable things that we can find after the devastating events in our lives. Finding the meaning of evil by seeing the good after can sound pretty tricky for some, but it is the reality of finding meaning in contrast to things.

The world is filled with people who will drag others down and take advantage of the weak. However, this does not hinder good people from existing. These good people remind us that no matter how dark an alley could be, there is no place where light cannot reach.

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