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Life After School

It is true that the course people took in college does not always assure success, and more often, it’s irrelevant in their occupations. However, nothing has happened purely through coincidence.

Alice Nash, the author of the two upcoming serial novels ‘Colour of Mind’ and ‘Colour of Air’, tells about Kathy Liao's career hunting experience and how it has unfolded surprisingly. A serial thing is happening through unforeseen circumstances that appear unrelated, any stage that could finish her career, yet she has carried on her sailing boat thanks for the abnormal phenomena that accompanies her all the way through.

In a sense, Alice Nash’s intelligent portrayal of Kathy Liao identity connects with us on a deeper level, when things do not go as they apply, a door is closed, there is a window opening. Good fortune lies within bad. Bad fortune lurks within good. It truly brings a sense of illuminating remarks that no matter how will go according to the plan, despite the beneficial effects of a textbook, one can never deny that it limits one to see the life behind the covers.

Overall, Alice Nash has done an excellent job to indicate this certain message: The planning lies with Man; the outcome with Heaven, enjoy the journey not indiscriminately seek the aim, especially if the tragic aim is made through an ill-prepared and be opinionated and stewed in one’s own juice all the way along.

Life after school, what matters is a comprehensive ability to prepare for the eventuality with a precisely emergency measure through a long path, be humble not be shallow, could be a key attitude to the outcome of what you wish for.

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