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Inspirational and Devotional Poems in Noah Ndhlovu's Psalms of Noah

When we're meditating on the Word of God, we usually look towards testimonies written in books and, most of the time, the bible itself. However, there is a variety of literary formats to choose from, a format that would not only be inspirational but is also pocketable, making it easier for one to remember the Word of God that we choose to dwell in.

This is answered through Noah Ndhlovu's Psalms of Noah, where he wrote devotional, inspirational, motivational, and encouraging poetry inspired by the Word of God.

Noah is an author, poet, podcaster, consultant, community organizer, and philanthropist. He has an unconditional devotion to improving the lives around him and adding value to others. He helped launch organizations such as the Zambian Associations Network of the United States (ZANUS), the Zambian Association of Indiana (ZAIN), and Zamaritan, a volunteer-based non-profit. Noah developed an interest in writing upon completing high school in 1997 as a creative way to pass the time. According to him, his one and only mission in the world is to be a positive agent of change.

His first book, Psalms of Noah, was written after he had noticed that there were few and fewer poetry books under a Christian theme. Noah wanted to touch people in a special and positive way by using words creatively to inspire and encourage others to tap into their source. Especially those who are going through trying periods in their lives and needed a little bit of motivation along the way. The book offers to connect people to their inner being, their surroundings and ultimately serves as a reminder that there is nothing that prayer cannot solve.

As challenges in the world arise, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged us into a world wherein there is no choice but to fight or survive, we might feel lost and disconnected. The poems offer strength, one that cannot wear off in just s a little bit of time but rather by the words that we remember when the adversity is too big for us to face and we are afraid of the outcome. Noah reminds us that a little prayer goes a long way and that we are not alone in this world, even in the most desperate moments we find ourselves in.

This book also tells us to meditate routinely, to connect with the creations of God, and to be ever thankful for the blessings he has brought into and upon our lives, such as the blessing of life itself. What may seem impossible to man is possible under God's guidance, and we will not know if we do not tap into it. Moreover, it shows us that nothing is impossible, not when we are living under God's shadow.

Noah has also written another book called Voices of Noah, an anthology of poems that discusses a range of topics published under Xlibris and is available on Amazon.

Readers can check him out on his websites and social media pages at: and

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