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Interconnectedness: Missee Nelligan's Poems on Love and Life

The world is as chaotic as it could get. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to mutate by itself and continuously becomes our source of anxiety and worries. As the pandemic continues, it seems that we only have ourselves and other recreational activities to make us feel at peace and to help us survive the trials of day-to-day challenges. Missee Nelligan’s book teaches us about love, life, interconnectedness, and taking one breath at a time.

It’s All Connected

It’s All Connected is a compilation of Missee Nelligan’s first three books: You Are Your Happiness, Smile For You, and Don’t Stop, which are all different in themes and genre, but its wholesome poems and photos are full of life and love which could be a refreshing take on the chaos that we are in. Its simple words and narration give a warm feeling that feels like a hug in all its forms. Each stanza will take away your breath as it makes you imagine a world at peace, one that is different and where love fills the air. The author takes breathtaking photos and captures paradise一 full of flowers, greenery, and blue skies. Apart from that, she also captures moments with strangers and offers a kind of love from afar that will close the gaps on the distances that restrictions have brought us.

The uplifting poems can be a source of peace as it surrounds you with words that bring healing and love. We rarely hear these kinds of words nowadays because of the agitations that our problems have brought us. Yet, Missee Nelligan’s caring and loving personality is brought out in her book and intends to help her readers get through the life they have now because of the mental and emotional impact that the pandemic has brought us. The compilation is a unique take on the world because it not shows the beauty of the world we are in but reminds us to take a breath, enjoy and take a moment to capture and appreciate the things we have in front of us or the occasions we have with the ones we love.

The looming threat of the pandemic has always been a source of worry, yet Missee Nelligan’s poems and photos are such a refreshing take on the destruction and utter chaos that we are in. Readers will be enthralled with each turn of the page as the author reminds us that it is interconnected and that everything happening now is already planned out. She reminds us that maybe we will go through bad days and bad streaks, but we are only human, and thus, we should always take a step back and relax to clear out the bad thoughts.

Furthermore, although some compilations of poems tackle the darkness and the hurtful things that the world brings, Missee Nelligan’s take is simple: show that all hope is not lost and that we will always find our way back to the path we should be taking.

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