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Into the Depths with Schwartz and Evan's 'Deeptide Vents... of Fire'

What lies beneath our vast waters could just be one of the greatest mysteries we have in this timeline. How can we not wonder over it when roughly more than 80% of the Earth's seas are yet to be explored?

We as humans have grown a fascination with what goes on beyond our skies. Conducting space missions, races with other countries, and have even sent up a billionaire up here, yet some have failed to realize that, inside our world lies the infinite depth of the unknown that borders our land: the ocean.

Author Donald Ray Schwartz and genetic scientist Steven Evans book 'Deeptide Vents... of Fire' details the lives of two scientists who are on a mission to capture DNA samples of strange lifeforms that reside in the deep abyss, inside vents that generate them through an ecological process called chemosynthesis where methane and other noxious gases mix, resulting in the creation of protoplasm. Their goal is to convert said harmful gases as sustenance for the people above ground or to convert them for prophylactic means. Needless to say, because of the power and versatility the DNA hold, evil tends to rear its ugly head. Challenging their morals and views, will they stand firm, tread the liquid until they float above and escape the treacherous pelagic, or succumb to the dark waters, never to be seen or heard from again?

'Deeptide Vents... of Fire' does not only revolve around heavy, scientific matters. However, it also touches upon common human dilemmas that surges the interest of the common reader. There is intrigue due to the very nature of the book, drama caused by heavy conflicts between the scientists and the rest of the crew members, as well as romance-driven with greed and passion. A science fiction book that is like no other, it is almost like the world is only a couple of years away from turning this a reality. Truly, a must-read for empirical yet grounded minds. Igniting the readers to journey the bottomless uncertainty that is the ocean, reaching its depths while unraveling the secrets, ability, and richness it holds. The readers get to witness how the human mind breaks into anew when such power comes over them.

Professor Donald Ray Schwartz is no stranger in penning the most thought-provoking and insightful pieces. Amassing over 200 published works which include essays, novellas, short stories, as well as literary reviews, criticisms, and other non-fiction pieces, he has also contributed to works such as Noah's Ark: An Annotated Encyclopedia of All Animal Species in the Hebrew Bible and Lillian Russell: A Bio-Bibliography in collaboration with Anne Bowbeer. Schwartz has also directed and produced over 40 stage plays and has also received accolades because of his epic poem The Cross Country Run of Jennifer X Dreifus. The author noted that his experience as a Vietnam War and Cold War-era veteran, as well as a Major in the US Air Force, honed his perception in life along with his skills when it comes to creating his fictional worlds and scenarios.Steven Evans is a recognized genetic scientist, with scientific papers published; he is currently investigating nutraceutical treatments for genetics influenced diseases.

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