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Introspect and Moving Inwards: Know Yourself More in Isolation

Have you ever thought of your purpose and value in life during this isolation period?

During the slow-paced living this quarantine, people have more time on pondering their own thoughts and emotions. I believe that time as the best resource should be utilized to a better understanding of oneself through self-reflection and self-awareness.

Even if time is available, the only destruction to succeed on this is being attached to updating our social media every minute just to know that we are not being left behind. This is inevitable because humans are social beings that need human connection. On the other hand, we need a life balance and most of all, self-care. We need to recharge on our own so we can deliver at best to our work and relating to other people. You need to take time and calm down. Learn to ground yourself through moving inwards and get a little introspection. After that, read some books that can help your journey of self-discovery like Remember Who you are: So What’s Your Reality? written by Gail Nicholls.

In the book, Gail Nicholls shares her personal journey of self-discovery. The content of the book revolves in 3 parts: (1) Birth and Childhood, (2) Traveling the world and stories in between, and (3) the technical part – dealing with DNA, Earth History, and Dimensions. In addition, a Star Seed child questionnaire by Richard Boylan such as Earth cycles and History Chart is included (with permission). There are also poems reflecting her life over the years. Overall, it is a total of 484 pages of an easy yet remarkable read!

The source of inspiration for writing the book is from Gail’s real-life experience. She was awakened at the age of 3 years old to many memories she could not explain. From then on, she decided to travel the world to search for her own truth and discovered the answers to her questions. Her stories are factual, research-based, and real experiences. She hopes to awaken her readers that there is more to us than what we know about ourselves today.

As the author, you can be at the point in life asking yourself, “who are you?” and “what life is really about?”. Reading the book will help you bring clarity to your own self-discovery. Make use of your time this isolation to contemplate your purpose and what is more beyond this life.

Grab your copy now on Amazon!

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