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For You, I Continue To Live and Keep Going

Would you know my name? If I saw you in heaven, would it be the same? If I saw you in heaven.

-Eric Clapton from the song Tears in Heaven

There are many ways to reminisce about our loved ones who are no longer with us and are now next to our Lord. Remembering our happy moments with them undoubtedly brings us euphoria. Although their loss leaves us feeling as though something is piercing our hearts, the story we created with them up until the very end inspires us to keep going.

Author, Marie Mellet

Here’s our author Marie Mellett, a retired nurse who was enjoying life with her husband, found herself suddenly in mourning after learning that her partner had passed away from cancer. She writes about their love while yearning for him but is unable to publish it, so she decides to write another book instead that also addresses what the person left behind is going through after losing their partner.

In her book No Road Map, Marie Mellett addresses the dilemma faced by those who lose a loved one to cancer. This book will leave you yearning for the loved ones you've lost while also bringing back happy memories of them that you still hold close to your heart.

A book that will cause emotional ups and downs. Will you ever put yourself in each character's position? Find out how the person's life has changed as a result of the loss. Prepare your mind and heart for a story worth reading by entering the story of No Road Map.

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