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The End of All Human Beings

Does your perspective of death align with biblical teachings?

The truth is now in front of you. Take this opportunity to learn more about living and dying; this book is a must-read.

Author, Kenneth Peasley
Author, Kenneth Peasley

Brief information about our author: With the help of God, Kenneth Peasley has accomplished the following for Christ's kingdom and the fellowship of His saints. Elder, Head Superintendent, Teacher, Family Growth Group Leader, Preached Daniel & Revelation Seminar, Sanctuary Choir Director, individual and corporate Bible Studies, door-to-door surveys to create Bible studies, Literature Evangelist, School Teacher, Prison Ministries Leader, and Deacon.

As a diligent student of the Lord's teachings, he completes numerous religious studies classes and two holy factual research volumes focusing on the revelations of the Seven Trumpets prophecy, The State of Man, and Last Day Events.

The State of Man in Death is a novel inspired by the Bible. It examines the entirety of what the Bible teaches about the condition of the dead, including a biblical analysis of a séance and what lies beneath this fraud. It is characterized as death is not a maze leading to eternal life; Jesus advised avoiding the "wide way." Seeking the narrow (Strait) route should be accomplished via faith in Jesus Christ and The sacrifice of His blood for our sins; this will lead to eternal life in Him. Any alternative route is regarded as a broad road.

No one can foretell which path will be the easiest, but humans can determine what is right and wrong along the journey.

A note to everyone, we have God to guide us. May He bless us all.

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