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The Safest Haven

Home is, without a doubt, the most desirable place to live.

The smell of toasted bread and freshly brewed coffee that a mother had prepared for a morning meal.

What a great location it would be to call home, where one could unwind and take pleasure in the company of one's loved ones.

But, how much of a place can we call "home" if there's no mother, a father, or even a grandpa to ask us how’s our day?

How was it possible for a mother to keep this secret from her children for almost forty years that had passed?

Think about the intriguing concept and the notion of the trip that one lady goes on as she looks for her birth father and her maternal grandparents, as well as the startling discoveries that she makes along the way.

Author, Belle Maynard Curd
Author, Belle Maynard Curd

This was Belle Maynard Curd’s Finding My Family story, based on real events and takes place on the prairie, yet the mysteries it contains are more similar to those found in fiction. It is where her journey took her from Minnesota through Saskatchewan, then on to British Columbia, Manitoba, and finally Washington.

As the author investigates her past, you will experience both her successes and her failures with her. The abrupt change in the course of Belle's story will prompt readers to reflect on the many ways in which people endure pain and the unbreakable love that we all have for one another, no matter how long and how far it takes.

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