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The Vibrating Pond: Second Edition

Poems are like a song made by a curious mind that tells either a true or fictional story but leaves a powerful impact on their readers. They claim that great authors with exceptional minds produce the best books.

Nigel's The Vibrating Pond, is a collection of fictional short stories written over several years, between 1975 and 2017, and is now available in its second edition. This revised edition is bigger and contains new content. The poems' subjects include such things as nature, the future, and war. Adding fictional short stories that incorporate elements of real-world occurrences.

Author, Nigel Howse
Author, Nigel Howse

Nigel Howse, a creative writer, dedicated decades to writing fictional and visual arts. His book was first published in 1985 with the title The Hammer Bird which contains poems and fictional short stories. Over the years he keeps writing which resulted in the reprint edition of his book, adding more content such as new poems and stories.

The author’s writing style provides readers with stimulating yet surprising content to ponder upon. making it a good leisurely but stimulating book to read, whenever and wherever you are. Besides cozy or reassuring stories, there are examples of tough unsettling elements appearing, such as Ebola and Vultures, slavery of migrant workers, alien insects, and childhood exploitation. These poetic and prose stories appeal to readers by using expressive language, to provide a great book to read. Be aware they also can be sometimes unsettling and unusual in their perspectives on our lives.

It is highly recommended and suitable to read by all ages.

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