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It's All Connected: The Wholesome Dose Of Happiness That You Need

It is no secret that happiness is a transient sensation that people crave to obtain. Each individual has their own way of obtaining that happiness, with each being much more different than the other. Nonetheless, finding happiness and making it last is a goal that each of us shares. While the goal of finding that feeling of happiness itself is simple, it is a task that is better said than done, especially now when we live in a world full of chaos and uncertainty. So the question remains, how can we regain that feeling of happiness in such a despondent time?

Missee Nelligan aims to answer that question through her book. It's All Connected, a book that compiles her previous works: You Are your Happiness, Smile For You, and Don't Stop, all of which has the goal of spreading kindness and helping inspire its readers to find happiness through a collection of art, poetry, and photography.

Perusing through each page of "It's All Connected" is a truly memorable experience that shouldn't be missed. This book perfectly embodies everything that Missee Nelligan wants to share with the reader and with everyone else. The brilliant and touching poems within the book serve as gentle reminders of the things we should aim for: happiness, kindness, joy, and self-love. All things that people often forget to take into consideration when trying to face the struggles and challenges of life. The author's genuine love for the simple but beautiful things in life is infectious and can be felt on every page of the book. Her words and photographs are the perfect blends of wholesomeness and nostalgia that we all want to feel from time to time, especially now when everything feels so bleak and fleeting. Everything within the book is filled with the author's heartfelt notion that despite everything happening around us, life is and always will be lovely and that all we need to do is take some time to relax and breathe. If you want a book that inspires you to live with appreciation and gratitude for life, this book is perfect for you.

Many experts have noted that we live in an age of loneliness, which is ironic considering that we have developed various means to connect with our peers and the rest of the world. It's All Connected is Missee Nelligan's simple way of sharing positivity that we desperately need for ourselves and the world.

"There is still so much happening in the world, there is so much hurt, hate and sadness. We listen to music as it gets us through everything, we look at art and photography as it makes us smile, I guess it takes us away from the worries of the day. In a world of chaos - Kindness, care, and love really does make a difference."

-Missee Nelligan

Give yourself that dose of happiness and positivity you deserve in life by purchasing her book It's All Connected, available right now on Amazon:

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