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Jason Kemp's Soul Purpose: Blazing a Trail to the Divine

"Everything happens for a reason—there is no coincidence or randomness to our lives," and that is part of the message here. "We have to cultivate trust and faith that we are on the right track, even when life might suggest otherwise."

We are currently going through many changes in a worldly and personal sense - our perspectives and experiences of life are shifting as a result.

Jason is a former Systems Engineer in the UK Aerospace industry, raised in the South West of England, but now lives in France. He is a qualified practitioner of a complementary therapy called 'Reflex Touch Therapy.' From a young age he had a keen interest in spiritual subjects; the paranormal, inner awareness, healing, and psychic phenomena.

He maintained his interest in energetic healing, working with crystals, visualization work, and the subtle chakra energy system. He has worked with people using crystals for healing and hosted group healing workshops in the UK, centered on the energy work covered in 'Soul Purpose.'

'Soul Purpose' is a book he wrote to make readers aware of the bigger picture regarding reality beyond what we see and experience in a worldly sense. Since life is a series of dreams that we travel through, the aim is to take part in them consciously, rather than being unconsciously involved. The author continues, saying "We can open to a vast array of possibilities by journeying inwards, opening to our storehouse of treasures and allowing the manifestation of the life we are meant to have."

It is a book that took Jason 7 years to write and is a collection of experiences that happened during the 17 years of his life and his spiritual journey upon discovering the Avatar of the Age, Meher Baba.

Asking about his inspiration in writing, he says, "There was a period when I had so many unanswered questions regarding spirituality. I could not make sense of all the pieces in my awareness. As a spiritual seeker, I was determined to get to the top of things! At a particular point in time, I discovered in a 10 second moment what I had been looking for all this time. The seeking was over. Now it was the beginning of another journey. And writing this book is a part of that." He organized the different elements of his discovery into a coherent form to allow others to benefit from the footprints of his experience.

His book opens the idea that there are levels of guides and guidance behind the scenes, cultivating opportunities for our growth. These include the decisions that bring us to where we are, the events in our life, and the actions of other people around us—which all happen for a reason. There is no chance, and there is never any coincidence. Nothing happens by accident.

One quote that inspires his personal life is Meher Baba's "Things that are real are given and received in silence." Soul Purpose explains how short periods of silence and visualisation methods can benefit us in our lives, uplift our consciousness and connect us to our higher self.

Jason serves as a messenger and his book is an instrument that sheds light on some unanswered questions regarding spirituality. His aim reflects the book's excerpt: "In this recent incarnation, the Avatar has given us more information than he has ever done before. It is a part of his divine plan to reveal layers of spiritual truths in our time and serves as a tool for opening the heart through quenching the severe thirst of the mind."

The book contains meditation techniques and visualization methods for cultivating energy, grounding ourselves, clearing your personal and living spaces, connecting with your guide and much more.

"If I help one person discover something that makes them light up inside, then I have succeeded in my aim." Open the chance of discovery and strengthen your faith through Jason Kemp's Soul Purpose will be available this December.

Jason is available to host group workshops to bring first-hand guidance on the meditation techniques and topics covered in the book and will happily respond to emails sent to

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