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Jesus and Melchizedek: What is their Connection and How Does it Affect You Today?

For many, the Bible is just an ancient book that holds ancient information about people long ago and often, readers cannot connectit to the world they live in and their present circumstances. On the contrary, reading more in-depth into what the Bible says could give you a better outlook in your life and for your present circumstances.

The book MELCHIZEDEK HIGH APRIEST OF GOD AND YOUR DESTINY IN THIS ETERNAL PRIESTHOOD, The title relates to Christians taking responsibility for their calling as Christians, being courageous and living as God intended them to.. The main theme is to take scriptures from the King James version of the bible as the truth and explain a message over 135 pages of the book and how every person can influence their own lives by taking the bible scriptures as truth. The book can be purchased from many book sellers including: Amazon: Xlibris and, Barnes and Noble.

The book, highlights Melchizedek and what his character as a priest of the most high God was and how Christians can emulate the character of Melchizedek in the Bible.

In his book, the author, David Holland, presents A story from the bible of the life of Abraham and, how the Melchizedek priesthood can energize every Christian as a follower of Jesus . The overall theme of the book is focused on the Melchizedek priesthood. Believing that the writings of the Bible are true and bear weight to humans’ lives today and that  this biblical truth  should be told from one generation to  the next, Holland writes to share with his readers who Melchizedek was using biblical references as guide.

David Holland

The author uses scriptural references for all the discussions in this book, Holland trusts that the bible story conveys hope in Christians to follow their calling. So, how is Jesus related to Melchizedek? Holland, believes that they  are not the same person, how could that be; Melchizedek must be someone contemporary to the time of Abraham and Holland puts  a case to whom that person may be.  Nevertheless, the Melchizedek priesthood was used in this narrative to highlight the role Christ had when he was here on earth. Melchizedek’s role echoes  Christ himself when he was on earth. So how does this relate to you? Is it that Melchizedek in his a role as a priest is  a  model for Christians to follow? AS he practices righteousness and teaches Abramham about faith through righteousness. The truth is, the life of Melchizedek and Jesus, although they are coming from different time periods during the time of the bible era mirror each other and shows a way that christians can be empowered to reflect the character of Christ, through the activity of God’s word in their lives.. This world  does not encourage serving others for no return, it is focused on serving one’s personal desires and through the melchizedek priesthood it becomes easier for a christian to declare the goodness of God. This book shows a way to serve as well as prosper. Are you willing to be different from most others? If you are, then this book by David Holland could certainly help you on your way to your calling in Christ . The message of the book is clear. Understand what is meant when God describes Christ as a Priest after the order of Melchizedek(Ps. 110:4) : the truth is that you can participate in that same priesthood through Christ.. the important thing is that you took the opportunity to offer yourselves for the welfare of others without being forced to do so and experience the same change in Abramham when he was endowed with righteousness by Melchizedek and was commended by God for his faithfulness.

Just a bit about the author, he has a Diploma in Theology and has  studied natural systems management to the Masters level, therefore he understands the stress that humanity has put on the earth’s environments and  feels that we as Christian stewards, should have concern for the natural world, and prays that climate change effects will not affect Christ’s work as we come towards the end of the age. Some more of Holland’s work can be found at the website: habitat

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