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John Smith: A New Character to Look Forward To

Following the life of a character in a book series provides a profound experience for readers.

A standalone book can entertain you for days. Still, there’s something different about a series of books with an established world within it. These books can take us on an adventure that could last for many years.

With characters like Harry Potter, Jack Reacher, Robert Langdon, and Katniss Everdeen, readers can see how a character grows and develops through the years. They can also explore the world inside the book, untangle new revelations and plot twists that will be more exciting as the story progresses into new books.

It’s truly a wonderful experience to walk side-by-side with your favorite protagonist. Being a fan of a book series feels like exploring an alternate universe with a friend you’ve known for years.

If you’re looking for a new exciting character to follow, you may want to check out Ian Jones’ John Smith Series. John Smith is a man who solves problems with a specific set of skills, and the people who try to stop him in his mission to find trouble coming their way. He used to work in Special Forces, but now he works alone, taking on private jobs and running into an unfortunate tangle of events.

“I always enjoy thrillers. I had the idea to have a man who is just ordinary, always underestimated but who has built up some talents that he can use when he has to, and John Smith was born.”

Readers immediately embraced John Smith after the release of Ian’s first book, Lost in Vegas. With such good reviews, Ian already had three radio interviews. Many have also shown interest in making the book into a film.

With the release of the second John Smith book, North of the Rock, the stage is already set for blockbuster series that many thriller fans would surely love. Now, a lot of readers are anticipating the third book of the series, Dying for LA.

With the success of the series, readers are asking for more. Where will John Smith’s escapades bring him? What kind of enemies will he face in the future? And, finally, what sort of character will he evolve into?

You can find out more about Ian Jones and the John Smith series on his website

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