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Judy Ann Prescott Story: How Authors Create Beauty Out of Misery

Where do authors get their inspirations to write their book?

Some authors get them from the incredible experience they had before. Some had an epiphany, a profound realization about a particular philosophy. Some use a creative metaphor to build a world that reflects our reality. Some are just lucky enough to spot ideas when they come.

In the case of Judy Ann Prescott, her inspirations came from her own misery. Prescott is the author of five motivational books that revolve around love, hope, and courage to face life. All of her books, Finding Harry – A True Love Story, Living for a Reason – A True Cancer Journey, Dolly Daydreamer, and First Thoughts: Final Outcome, reflect how Prescott experienced the different stages and aspects of her life.

Judy Ann Prescott, 64, is a breast cancer survivor. She wrote about her fight against cancer in Living for a Reason – A True Cancer Journey. Prescott’s writing career started during her recovery from the deadly disease. Always curious about history and wanting to occupy her mind, she decided to trace her family tree. She then stumbled upon the story of her grandfather Harry, who became the central character in Finding Harry – A True Love Story.

With her creative writing experience and have already published two books, Prescott continued to write and published two additional novels. Because of her ill health, a definite daydreamer wrote Dolly Daydreamer, which revolves around a working-class family coping and surviving despite everything thrown at them.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” Indeed, books transport readers into the unique minds of writers like Judy Ann Prescott. They tell magnificent stories through the eyes of different characters and authors. Life is full of valuable stories that can be molded into books, but it takes a courageous and creative person to know where to look. Prescott used her experience to write beautiful stories that will continue to inspire others. She continues to write beautiful stories about hope and courage. Her fifth book, The Other Suitcase, is waiting to be released soon. Her publisher is also in the process of reviewing her sixth book, It’s Now or Never.

In times of crisis, Prescott’s journey teaches us that there is still a silver lining despite all the problems we are facing today, that we can create beauty out of misery.

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