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Judy Prescott's A.D.S. For Life

There is wisdom on what's foregone. There is hope in the place of what is lost. There is courage in the face of overwhelming disaster. No matter how bleak life may be, there is a silver lining. Maybe, it's a silent comfort for us that silver is more abundant on this earth than the more sought after gold.

Rare is anything that trumps our experience. Experience is handed best to us by those who have already finished the race and kept the faith. Judy Prescott is among those who are beyond willing to share bits of wisdom to the running masses.

Judy Prescott is a staunch upholder of the human spirit's strength. Being widowed and a breast cancer survivor, she has encountered pain, loss, and tragedy but still keeps on. Her literary crafts enrapture her journey and courage. The following are Judy Prescott's A.D.S. for life.


Inevitable and often unjust, tides of adversities always roll in. Whether it's a life or death situation, challenges come. Some come to destroy. Some come to clean. But it is only up to us to face it in the eye.

Ms. Prescott's "Living for a Reason – A True Cancer Journey" narrates her life as it was under the curse of breast cancer. It wasn't meant to be easy. It was meant to be survived.

"Dolly Daydreamer" is another of Ms. Prescott's books. This time around, breast cancer is not the only menacing thing on sight—the hidden imperfections behind the picture-perfect families and the brewing familial discord brought by the sickness itself.


Dreaming is hoping for the best while expecting the worst. It's always the thrilling coin toss that keeps you always longing for the best.

Judy Prescott's "First Thoughts, Final Outcomes" is an ode to dreaming. Dreaming is for everyone of every generation, age, and socio-cultural background. In this book, we are welcomed to Steve and Ann's marriage. Even with the continuing doctor appointments and health threats, the couple lived on hopeful of their future. They are dreaming even if they are in their 60s.

"Ice Cold Friendships" is another staple for dreaming and living out the very best versions of yourselves. The story happens in Russia and follows aspiring ice skaters Maria and Andrei. The story goes on about the hot pursuit of their icy dreams.


At the core of adversity and dreams is a call to summon the strength within, the unknown strength we have through daily hustles in life, and the strengths we know because we've met and used them. Strength allows us to know our limits and minimize our losses.

Judy Prescott didn't know she had it in her to write until she picked up the courage to detail her grandfather's whereabouts. Yes, "Finding Harry" is a true story about Ms. Prescott's grandfather, who had a vicarious life and tragic end. She didn't know who he was until they had found him through serious family digging.

Judy Prescott is a great fan of reality. Her books show her preferences for the truth and real living. Her unshakable ground to reality surfaces even when she is writing fiction. Her unyielding spirit and hopeful determination are worthy of emulation. Being at the forefront of the human experience, we all must heed her A.D.S on life.

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