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Judy Prescott: Unfolding Stories of Hope and Inspirations

The essence of life itself has inspired our author, Judy Prescott, to write original, heartfelt novels. Despite being widowed and experiencing cancer, the encountered pain, despair, and loss of a loved one were nothing but a driving force for her to continue life – which gets her to keep writing novels as well. No wonder her novels are crafted like a literary jewel that shines to remind us that there is bigger than these adversities. Meeting one individual like our author here is a rare chance yet blazing with an inspiring and courageous attitude that most of us should imbibe.

Get to know more of Judy Prescott’s messages to the world through her novels below:

Finding Harry: True Love Story

Writing her first book had required the right inspiration, to begin with. It was then she knew that Harry, her grandfather, had needed to be shared with the world. As he had joined the army, he was away from the love of his life for six years. Ada, his wife, died and he lost his children to family members - all separated. Suddenly, he was alone in life. Judy feels the story is special and even dreams of seeing her grandfather's story in a movie, with Dustin Hoffman playing him. According to the readers, it has been described as a beautiful story brought up, at times, during wartime. True love is also what binds a family.

Living for a Reason: A True Cancer Journey

This book relates to her real-life experience of having cancer but defeating it in the end with her hopeful spirit and courage. In the story, receiving the news of her condition Ann, the protagonist, greets it with the response - 'You haven't told me that I'm dying yet?' That is the spirit she carries throughout the book. It is a moving and powerful portrait of a woman who, faced with the vicissitudes of cancer, determines to live life to the full.

Dolly DayDreamer

Because of the author's ill health, Dolly Daydreamer represents a working-class family coping and surviving despite everything thrown at them. In the story, Rachel had breast cancer, and as time goes on, family circumstances threaten the very fabric of the family. Is their family unit strong enough to survive what the future has in store for Rachel, Simon, and the rest of their family?

First Thoughts, Final Outcome

This is a novel where the author saw cancer through her own eyes when her husband is the one diagnosed this time. In the story, it was represented with the marriage of Steve and Ann. They walk together in life despite the odds of waking up every day. They continue to dream and be hopeful for the future.

Upcoming Books

Her fifth book, entitled "The Other Suitcase," is in the process of being published. It is a second fictional story about an aqua colored suitcase mistakenly picked up by the wrong people. Romance cards will be playing soon here. For the sixth novel, the title is 'It's Now or Never', a third fictional novel. It has an Elvis Presley theme that was inspired by her husband who was a fan. This is now in the process of being published. Better watch out for more of Prescott's novels to come!

Among her books, her grandfather's life story was the inspiration in the book Finding Harry: A True Love Story. He was recently featured on the Facebook page of Frome History and Mystery, where people share their best memories of being the famous ‘gentleman of the road.’ For more read here,

Getting to know the gist of every story of each book Judy Prescott has written, touches all our hearts and makes us appreciate life more than yesterday. Sharing her stories will become an inspiration to many that despite life's knockbacks that keep throwing rocks and thunder in our way, and even darkness present, you can always choose to turn on the light.

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