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Just Like Daddy & Mummy: It All Starts Inside Our Home

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Think about it. Parents are directly responsible for bringing a person into this world and molding that person into someone who will later affect many other people's lives.

The style of parenting has a significant impact on how children develop into adults. Therefore, the kind of parenting and care children receive has great implications for their future success.

Cruel parents will raise a violent person. Lack of attention will lead to abnormal coping mechanisms. Overindulgence will more likely create adult children.

The key, therefore, is balance. But, how exactly can a parent do that?

Many parents out there still don't have any idea how to raise a child properly. While much literature teaches parenting strategies, it's still difficult to determine the best one that suits specific situations.

Not all children are the same. Each child requires a specific parenting style, which could be tricky because parenting is already hard as it is. Tailor-fitting a parenting strategy based on a child's personality is on another level of difficulty.

Fortunately, there's a particular book that can help parents realize the real essence of raising a child. Regardless of a child's personality, Rev Emmanuel Oghene believes that it all starts with the parents' faith in God.

It all starts inside our home.

In his book, Just Like Daddy & Mummy, he explained how children look up to their parent's behavior and how it affects their development. Daddy and Mummy are the first teachers and mentors of children. As a result, children become addicted to whatever they see their parents do during their formative years. Therefore, according to Rev Emmanuel, it is necessary to identify and adopt commendable characters and conduct of parents through the Bible's help.

Rev Emmanuel Oghene interprets each passage of the Bible and explains the deeper meaning behind them. Some of the highlights of his book are the story of Isaac, Abraham, and Joseph.

The Bible is God's message to humankind. It's not just about praising Him or having faith; it also contains guidance and pieces of wisdom to help us in many areas of our lives, such as taking care of our children, loving our spouses, and fostering love inside our homes.

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