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Katie Santee on Life as an Erotic Writer and a Volunteer for Disabled War Veterans

Armed with a vast imagination and colorful life experiences, Katie Santee started her writing journey 15 years ago as a poet. Now, Katie is popular in the literary scene as an erotic romance writer, having published two best-selling books: You Were Mine for a Time and Passions and Pleasures. These books are a collection of short erotic stories that aim to tickle the reader’s fantasies. Katie’s books have also been inspired by her two favorite writers, Lora Leigh and Erin McCarthy, both of whom are best-selling authors.

Katie’s two published works are an exploration of the depths of love, lust, and everything in between. Some stories contain subtle sexual references, while others narrate casual and wild escapades. Indeed, her books are a celebration of womanhood and the female body, and an unabashed take on romance that aims to please its readers regardless of their sexual preference.

The Other Side of Katie

Katie’s life goes beyond being a best-selling author. In her leisure time, she enjoys doing cross-stitch and crochets, as well as cooking. But most notably, she has been an active member of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary for more than 30 years. Her husband is a disabled U.S. veteran, and her step-father also used to be part of the military, while most of her relatives served in the U.S. Navy, including one of her sons. In Katie’s words, she is a “Navy brat.” This background encouraged her to devote much of her life to help disabled veterans “in whatever capacity needed,” Katie said in an interview. Her charity works include visiting hospitals and nursing homes, where she, along with other volunteers, helped prepare activities such as card games, parties, and gift-giving during Christmas.

Katie also wants to shed light on the plights of war veterans and the trauma they carry, given her personal experience. And while she has done so much for this cause, Katie acknowledged that more work needs to be done, including raising awareness and raising funds for disabled war veterans.

Looking ahead, Katie plans to give her avid readers more exciting erotic stories while continuing her advocacies in whatever form it requires.

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