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Kaze Awakening: Unraveling the Unknown

What if the life you have is not exactly the way it is supposed to be?

What if you discover that there is a whole other world out there? An alternative world, one where power rules the world?

Will you run from it? Delve into it? Or will you pursue the unknown and discover if you’ll bring chaos or peace in both your reality and your alternative world?

This is Leon Wong’s new magical realism book Kaze Awakening.

Released in 2015 under Author House UK, Kaze Awakening follows the story of Jaden, an adopted 18-year-old who lives a somewhat normal and sheltered life until on the eve of his 18th birthday where he discovers that he had another life, another world that he could exist in 一 a Spiritual World, truly different from the one he has. When he slowly learns the true nature of his being, unlocking abilities and powers beyond imagination, can Jaden handle the fragile divide that has taken over his soul? Will he represent good or evil? Will he bring salvation or destruction to both worlds?

Hailing from Singapore, author Leon Wong is bringing a unique kind of magical realism to the world of literature. He wrote his book Kaze Awakening by building up a character that is seemingly innocent and suddenly becomes overwhelmed with the changes and the power he has been bestowed upon. Mixing both Asian and Western mythology, he is able to create an extraordinary world, one that is picked out specifically for Jaden’s character. The complexity of Jaden’s situation makes it an interesting read, and the action-packed book feels like a movie playing on its own.

“Most people don’t remember their dreams after they wake up. Most people say they have different dreams each night. The thing is, I am not most people. I remember every single detail of my dreams. And since last fall, I have had the exact same dream each night.”

-An excerpt from Kaze Awakening

While it’s filled with magical realism and discovering one’s self, the book also highlights the struggle of a boy who can only choose between good and evil. It makes one ponder how Jaden will make his decisions knowing that everything is new to him and how power can influence his choices. Leon is able to paint a picture of this struggle and the world that brings conflict and power together that one may question moral choices when the playing field is at an advantage.

The book’s mysterious theme allows the readers to go on an adventure with Jaden as Leon’s descriptive and artistic narrative brings in a whole other world of emotions and complex choices. What Jaden unravels in each and every page feels like a cliffhanger that can only be satisfied at the turn of the next page. Furthermore, the book is filled with paranormal and fantasy that will surely excite Marvel fans and readers alike to know how Jaden’s demise would end and how it will eventually affect him, one way or another.

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