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Keep Love and Passion Burning

Our author Brian George is one of those lucky few who have always known what he wanted to do in life. Since his younger years, Brian George is certain of aspiring to be a writer. Despite his wanting to write for a living, he spent most of his life working as an engineer across different countries due to financial realities. Consequently, his overseas works were an immense contribution to his literary works.

Over time, he found a mentor and an inspiration who challenged and taught him to write stories daily. He started writing and further pursue his passion into completing nine novels, of which seven were already out and are self-published.

Brian George has created two pen names: Brian George and the other is Byron George. These pen names started when Brian George began to publish his works, the former for his straight commercial novels and the latter for the erotic ones. Lord George Byron was a British poet with a scandalous reputation, and so it seemed apt to borrow his name for the erotic tales.

As a renowned author, Brian George has been invited to various interviews, guesting, and book exhibits across different platforms. His books are mostly fiction, but as he shared, they are based on real people that he envisions while completing the story.

Byron George already published more sensual and intimate erotic–themed books entitled "Desert Loves," "Tales From The BanNana Bar," and "Desert Loves 2", to name a few. All in all, Byron George has already written more than a hundred erotic tales, most of which can be found on Medium.

Desert Loves: Sara & Si-Si is a tale of two short relationships in the desert heat of Dubai. This book shows and narrates the intimacy, love, and passion of lovers in full. As they say, this one is short and sexy, exactly how they happened in real life.

Tales From The BanNana Bar is a compilation of erotic tales written about Byron George's travel experiences while living in Pattaya, Thailand. These tales happened in a local bar where he stayed with his so-called family. This is an interesting story of how Byron's search for no-strings relationships led him into a downward spiral of sexual addiction until he sees the way out. His search for perfection in lovemaking in the city of sin and the land of smiles make up this book, an erotic thriller with no-holds-barred, powerful, and intimate descriptions that will turn on everyone regardless of their gender.

Desert Loves 2 circles around Byron and his Chinese Bar Girl love interest. This is an adventure of love and sexual intimacy where you'll even question if things are driven by lust or foolishness when it is bound to destroy you.

Although an accomplished writer, Brian George Taylor was once a shaming and stereotypical victim. He even reached a point when he was half ashamed of the erotica and hid under Byron George's pen name because of his reactions from other people who equate the erotic genre with pornography.

But after crossing the bridge of shame and indifference, our author is now out to give us even more sensual, intimate, passionate, and detailed sexual experience through his writings, be it with people in relationships or not.

Check out more of his published works and get ready to feel every sensation experienced by the characters in the most thorough description that you can ever get at

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