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Keeping the Fire of Passion and Motivation: Things We Can Learn From Carla Nicole De Petris

Don't you think it's a wonder how people could still be devoted to someone they have never seen, touched, or even had eye contact with? Raffaello lost his life almost five hundred years ago, and yet, those who deeply admire his works and believed in the power of his paintings remain alive. Even though Raffaello is gone, his presence remains because of his devotee's dedication to spreading his inspiring stories and excellent artworks to the world.

One of Raffaello's known supporters' works up to this day was none other than Carla Nicole De Petris, the author of The Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello and the writer of so many blogs about Raffaello. She has been passionate about keeping Raffaello viable through written works, and Carla believes that Raffaello deserves recognition worldwide.

Except that Carla Nicole De Petris has incomparable writing skills, we can also learn from her the two best things in life: first, stay motivated, and second, be passionate at all times because these two things will bring us to our main goal. Carla doesn't have to acquire huge loads of money from doing this because her ultimate goal is to let others know and see Raffaello's works' significance, which she did through her flaming motivation and passion for delivering it at all costs.

There might be days when you tend to surrender from all these things because you thought it's going nowhere or even doubt it, especially when there seems to be no progress at all. On the other hand, having to feel outbursts through your journey is pretty usual. There will always be disappointment and impatience. However, when your heart is grounded to the right foundation, then quitting, it will only leave a powerful regret forever etched in the core of your heart. Keeping the fire of your passion and motivation toward your main goal will always leave you the best things in life. Like Carla Nicole De Petris, who remained upright, loyal, and dedicated to Raffaello, then we must do the same thing, maybe to the person we idolized or to the career we have chosen. Life is indeed filled with unlit desire, probably because of so many hindrances along the way. But the best thing we can always do, same with Carla, is to continue doing the things you love with passion. Because the day you plant the seed is not also the same day, you will eat the fruit.

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