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Kid-friendly Book Genres For Young Readers

As parents, we can't help but worry about the learning's that our kids might be missing because our usual routines are now limited, and we are bound to stay at home for the time being. For many parents, we get to spend more time at home to encourage our kids to learn new things.

Today, we can find almost all information on the internet, and life has never been more comfortable; but isn't it nice to encourage kids today to read books and let their imagination run wild learn things while they read stories and books. It's not that the internet is a bad thing; it is indeed a great innovation. But you see, there are also many benefits your child can get if they read. If you are introducing this new hobby to your children, start with book genres that will ignite their reading interest. Peter Locke's Mikkee the Martian: Book Six A Visit to Mars got it all!

Science Fiction

Not everyone would know that reading science fiction books has many benefits for your children. Science Fiction books can help children think outside the box. Instead of limiting your children's capacity to understand and comprehend reality, science fiction books will increase their ability to cope with social challenges based on science.

Peter Locke's Mikkee the Martian: Book Six A Visit to Mars is about Mikkee the Martian fulfilling his promise to his newfound friends to bring them to his planet. The book will unfold many secrets about living on Mars and how wonderful and breathtaking their planet is. The book will teach your kids many values about trust and friendship as well.

Realistic Fiction

Reality fiction books use fictional characters, but the events and the circumstances can happen in real life. Mikkee the Martian may be a fictional character, but the friendship that the twins and the Mikkee has are not far from reality. It tells us how we can be friends with anyone of a different race, education, and background.


Depending on your child's interest, introducing fantasy books that would include his interests will surely get his attention. If your kids like animals, find fantasy books to take his interest in animals to the next level. If your kids like planets, Mikkee the Martian: Book Six A Visit to Mars will surely get them to start reading.

No matter your children's age, it is never too late for them to be interested in books. As parents, you should also learn how to be creative in introducing new ideas and hobbies to your children. Reading and comprehension is an important life skill that every kid should learn to succeed.

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