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La vamp by Angela Lartey: Not just your typical fiction book

There are countless numbers of published books with different literary genres worldwide at this point. Most people love reading novel books filled with romance and happy endings; for some, they like fiction books filled with ordinary stories. Such books bring an exhilarating feeling to its readers, making you excited for the next page, the next chapter, or even the next book.

Fiction refers to literature created from the imagination, and Angela Lartey, the author of the book LA Vamp, is very good at it. She has been writing since she was 15 years old. Lartey started writing novels, and then she explores her talent in writing scripts. Most of her works are fan fiction. And because of her incredible imagination and creative ideas, Angela Lartey never stops writing as she never runs out of new and beautiful stories to write.

One of her most significant works is the book LA Vamp. This is a story about a vampire family living in Los Angeles with a human daughter. The setting of the story mostly happened in school. When a girl in Ash’s class breaks up with her boyfriend, Chas, a lot of drama took place. But the drama did not end there, because when Ash’s brother and Nancie, his girlfriend, went to the beach, a new drama happened, which is way more than the first one.

Such kind of story may seem unconventional to some, but Lartey’s LA Vamp is a breather from all the other books that we have been reading for a while. The twists and turns of the story are thrilling. Each page will make you look forward to the next one – proving that this is not your usual fiction book. The build-up of the story is truly commendable.

Angela Lartey indeed is a creative genius. As an author, she can let her readers see her mind and imagination through the stories she is writing, and something others can’t do. So, if you are a sucker for fiction stories, most specifically, vampire stories with a lot of surprising twists, then you should start reading LA Vamp and satisfy yourself with a book that is never your usual.

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