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LA Vamp: The Vampires Among Us

What if vampires live among us? He could be one of your friends, your sister’s boyfriend, or your brother’s best friend. Just lurking around us like ordinary people, and we’ll never know.

LA Vamp is not your typical vampire story. It’s about Ash, with his family of vampires, who live in the city just like any normal human teenager doing what most teens would do. He goes to school, eats ice cream, makes friends, goes to the mall, and falls in love. Vampires with human problems and not all about eating and draining people’s blood.

In this sequel, La Vamp 2, Christmas is just around the corner, and everybody is getting ready for the holidays. Christmas shopping, holiday getaways, holiday rush, parties, and all that Christmas stuff but with a drama, just like in La Vamp 1!

Will Ash be able to tell Annabel what he feels? Is Annabel finally free from her ex-boyfriend? Will Ash’s brother, Tony, finally get a shot at his insecure girlfriend, Nancie? And most importantly, how do Vampires spend their Christmas? Feast your imagination as all of this unfolds in this latest book of LA Vamp.

The book is for young adults who love to daydream because it will make you imagine a world with vampires but with ordinary lives living among us. It’s an excellent book to help you pass the time and relax, especially now that many of us are required to stay at home because of the Pandemic.

The author, Angela Lartey, started writing when she was barely a teen and get inspiration from her favorite novels and movies. She lets her imagination explore by writing her own twists and scripts. In LA Vamp, she tries to capture a different view on typical vampire stories.

You can buy a copy through her website at, and you can also check out the characters in the novel and read more about the author.

Follow Ash and his ordinary but not so ordinary life and watch out for the next parts of LA Vamp.

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