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Laurence Tysoe: Transforming Life, Wisdom, and Goodness into Literary Masterpieces

Imagine being at the twilight of life, having the knowledge and experience of a lifetime. Wouldn't you want to hear about all the stories and wisdom in that life?

Born in 1937, Laurence Tysoe has seen and experienced it all: including losing dear friends and the love of his life and seeing the consequences brought by our actions unfold throughout the years.

Laurence has dedicated his life to bringing peace and happiness where he can, having built a career in community development as a social worker for the differently-abled and in the medical sector as well. His mission right now is to educate the latest generation with moral values and bring people together as an author. And in so doing, he has found a new way to continue his life mission of serving the public.

Through his books, he has given us a glimpse of his life because they are all in one way or another, based on his life events. His masterfully weaved stories and other writings are his way of moving others to care more about community and the world as he did his entire life.

Under the pen name Grand Daddy, his book Farmer John's Farm was inspired by a farmer friend in Spain who met his end in a tragic road accident. And through this book, he introduces children to beautiful memories. Meanwhile, Henge was written under his real name and was drawn by Stonehenge close to where he lives. Here, he created a fantasy world about a pre-historic boy and a strange-looking creature that he tried to hide from everyone else.

And soon, his book Contemporary Poetry will be republished. It's a collection of 32 poems about his opinions about the most prominent political and economic events within his lifetime, including the British Government response following the world financial crisis, Obama's inauguration in the United States, and Afghanistan's war. But although most of the poems are his thoughts about potentially polarizing content, he also speaks of his yearning to attain world peace – something that all of us want as well.

With two books available and one on the way to being republished, there's more that we'll hear from our Grand Daddy. Unlike his first books targeted to children, this one (which he says may be out this year) will be about conservation issues and the pandemic and is targeted to adults.

At age 83, Laurence Tysoe now lives alone, or so he claims. Because how can you ever be alone with all the magic, wisdom, and goodness within you?

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